Teacher: a controller or a luminary?

The daily routine of a teacher is pretty presumed. Most of their time teachers spend on the preparation of the class rather than paying individual attention to each and every student. On the one hand, this is quite understandable: One cannot expand time. On the other hand, this should affect students’ learning process.

To cut a long story short, let’s ask the following question: Is teacher a controller or a luminary?

Teacher as a controller

What makes up a teacher as a controller? In other words, which responsibilities has a teacher as a controller?

Teacher’s everyday work includes but is not limited by lesson preparation before the class, attendance marking, the teaching itself, individual work with students, grading, paper work, homework correction, communication with parents and school personnel, etc. As you can see, teacher’s daily routine is quite colourful. Let’s split up these tasks and analyse them.


  • lesson preparation
  • attendance check
  • grading
  • paper work
  • homework correction
  • communication


  •  teaching
  • individual work

Now it is quite visible that the teaching and individual work as core, fundamental activities are lost among other stuff. They are one but not the main part of teacher’s responsibilities.

Take a look at this chart.*


* https://www.experience.com/advice/careers/ideas/what-teachers-do-every-day/

How can we solve this problem? To move to the solution, I’d ask you to think why I did this separation above. Correct! The things that repeat day by day, can and should be automated. With the state-of-the art technology that possesses modern society, it is a guilt to place such a burden on a teacher.

But if this statement is so true and obvious, why is teachers’ life still overwhelmed with responsibilities which are not directly related with teaching? I suppose, the reason is in the absence of an ultimate solution. Till now, teachers struggle with excel sheets, moodle plugins, Whatsapp and Facebook groups, quiz creators, etc.

Helping teacher remain luminary

Having answered the above stated question (teacher is/should be not a controller), let’s see how we can help teachers remain faithful to their initial mission: teaching and illuminating generations.

The answer is quite simple! Teachers should be relieved from side-tasks as far as possible.  They need one ultimate tool which would address all repetitive tasks and be easy to administer. That’s all!

We at Tutor believe that teachers are free spirits and we must help them teach and illuminate us. As much as we can!


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