LMS 3.3.2

We started bringing new features on schools customer development issues. Group Management v1 is finalised and we managed improvements on collecing feedback. We have improved training experience, LMS finances. See details below.


  • Customer Development
  • Group Management
  • Collect Feedback v2


  • As a User, I want to see the first and last letters in “mixed letter” exercise
  • As a Manager I want to update student record and specify attendance price per month
  • As a User, I want to see my incorrectly pronounced word in a speech ex
  • As a Manager I want to see all groups from school in separate page
  • As a User I want to register and login with email
  • As a Student, I want to get an intro before each lesson
  • As a Manager I want to see teacher’s name on group list
  • As a User, I want to get sounds in speech exercise for IOS
  • As a User, I want to see a message, when I must pronounce the word for the second time
  • As a Manager I want to have an automate calculation of student’s fees
  • As a Manager I want to have a Menu ”Finances” in my dashboard with its’ submenus
  • As a User, I don’t want the correct written word appear in a green background after checking for typing ex
  • As a Manager I want to have a Fee Information sorted by group
  • As a Manager I want to click on Group’s name and get more info about fees


  • Sunset version 2
  • Rearrange image size in the training
  • Link course to specific partner
  • To optimize schedule (date/days of week) for each group
  • Notify user to upgrade app if new version available
  • Show performance info to student in mobile app
  • Show student payment balance and attendance info in mobile app
  • Introduce new role content manager and limit access to courses, vocabulary, content
  • In group details, the legends are not sorted correspondingly
  • Add company from users from LMS in Intercom
  • Improve attendance page
  • Ask users to upgrade to latest version where we started asking to update within app
  • Bring level names to “beginner, …” in all places (admin, app settings, choose level in admin, etc)
  • Please enable autocomplete option for subjects in vocabulary
  • Add end date to the group


  • Some definitions are broken
  • In android app does not load for some cases and shows JSON error
  • Pictures are not showing up in bot for some cases
  • Cannot login with FB on both iOS and Android
  • Some partner logos do not show up
  • Student performance doesn’t work correctly
  • In Android for speech exercises first answer does not count as correct
  • There is a wrong calculation in attendance sheet
  • Logo shows broken in group details page
  • Icon appears behind the box

More yet to come, stay tuned!


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