EDU 3.4.0

Attempt to prepare content for Learnship for trial, brought some BI for schools on board, added basic Expense Management to Finances, notifications to groups, improvements to vocabulary trainer and to the group management.


  • Learnship MVP (attempt 1)
  • Business Intelligence


  • As a Manager I want to submit an expense
  • As a Manager I want to see expense list filter and sorted by date
  • As a Student I want to be notified when added to a group
  • As a Student, I want to get a better test
  • As a Manager I want to give a fixed discount to the student
  • As a Manager/teacher, I want translations in word card to be optional (like definitions)
  • As a Manager I want to clone group
  • As a Content Manager, I want to filter vocabulary (words) by subject
  • As a Teacher I want to be notified when new student is added to my group
  • As a Course Manager I want to add multiple students to the group


  • Exercise: Exclude the word
  • Determine vocabulary level proficiency By Analysing Free Text Chat
  • Puzzle exercise by translation
  • Fix push notifications for intercom
  • As a manager I want to close group (level) to be able to create a new group(level) with the same students
  • UI improvements on home screen
  • Import student base
  • Show app answer in a separate card
  • Show performance details in tooltip when hovering on group list performance tag
  • Show attendance summary in group list in dashboard and group details page
  • Add filters to sentence list
  • Update permission descriptions for iOS app to pass app store review
  • Separate bot for Tutor and school finder
  • Recover trial tick in attendance marking
  • Enable course settings’ customisation depending on the partner
  • Rework sentences for courses and grammar
  • Teacher should not see colleagues groups
  • Create a Balance sheet for student
  • Cleanup trainer admin backend warning plus from logs to ease monitoring
  • Make attendance list horizontal
  • Make a hover on student with personal info in attendance list
  • Separate bot for Tutor and school finder v2
  • Add group level to the group’s detail page and group list
  • Please remove progress bar
  • Add filters in student list
  • Fix salary UX and add some filters
  • Add widget with totals to the balance page
  • Style transactions page
  • Fix and style student list
  • Style and fix group list
  • Hint teacher or group manager that the student was not available for given date for attendance
  • Move up screen after hiding OS top bar and fix home screen


  • In group, the progress doesn’t work correctly
  • images don’t appear in the multiple choice exercises
  • One can submit attendance in the future
  • In Android  word card get stuck for some cases
  • Fix Puzzle bug in specific android app
  • One cannot add student’s to a group from student base (DC example)
  • Advanced level is missing when creating a student
  • Image borders are broken in vocabulary trainer (iOS)
  • Manually remove duplicate accounts, attendance and balance from db for DC TOEFL Group which is shown in horizontal attendance
  • Attendance-i bug – start date issue

Some more changes, fixes and improvements. Pushing harder.

We have got new member to the team, this should give us more power and ideas!


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