Improved level tests in new version of Tutor

Test results are now more precise

Regular assessment is an inseparable part of language learning. That is why we improved the level test in Tutor Bot app. We refined the logic behind the test so that you can get more precise and thorough test results. This is yet an approximate assessment which you cannot hand out when applying to international universities. To find out where to take the standardized test go here.

We are continually working to best the test. What does this mean for you? In the near future, you’ll be able to find out your language level by just carrying on conversations. Yes, you’ll talk to your mate and meanwhile we’ll tell you which level your language knowledge is. Follow us not to miss this big news!

Sentence examples are more refined

Besides, in this version you’ll see more context-, level- and topic-based examples in the exercises. This example-sentences are excerpts from world literature which means that you’ll get to know to masterpieces of great authors during your training with Tutor Bot. This sentence below is from Arnold Bennett’s “The lion’s share”. 

Our partners' students get progress information now

Those students who are learning a language at one of our partners’ language schools (see how to become a partner) will get their training progress, performance and attendance information via the Tutor Bot app. Click on performance indicator in home page to see your progress in details.

As usual, with every new version you get a better looking, an easier to use and a smarter Tutor Bot.

Here you get the latest versions: App Store  Google Play Store

So harry to update Tutor Bot and leave me your thoughts!



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