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It’s been quite a busy time here at Tutor. We are expanding the platform in different directions at the same time. Our Course Finder team continue working hard to make language school and course surf comfortable for you. Tutor team are developing a new language level testing concept. With this, you will find out all your four skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) direct from your mobile phone. This will yet take some time. Meanwhile I will tell you what we have already done for you.

We added new puzzle exercise

Everybody loves games. And it is well known that people learn easier by playing. This is the reason we created a puzzle exercise. Here you need to match the word with its correct translation.

We improved some exercises

We always put us in your place and try to understand what you feel when you learn with Tutor. Before presenting you this or that new thing, we test it out ourselves many times. That’s why we improved “multiple choice” and “typing” exercises. As we have added word expressions to the vocabulary, it was clear, that the options won’t fit in. That’s why we made the option forms bigger. Here you can see the difference.

As of “typing” exercise, they seemed a bit tricky to some of you. We totally understand and share this. When you return to your training after a while, you lose the insight of the question. We decided to give some kind of hint. Now you see the “wanted” word in slots and can guess of how many letters it consists. Compare:

before                                                              now

What's new

In this upcoming week, Tutor will appear to you in a better outfit. But that’s not all…

For now, update Tutor and enjoy your learning!


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