Be The School I Will Attend: Optimize Your Page

Hey there, If you are reading this article, then I have to congratulate you.

Your school and courses are included in the one and only course finder platform, which means it is much more probable that prospective students will find your school more easily and join your courses. (Know more about adding your school to the platform.)

But to make sure you are the very school I am going to choose among 100 of others, you need to work a bit harder.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your school the most outstanding one just by optimizing the page.

Choose a cover image of the following size 1920x420px and let it include most of this information;

  • School name and logo
  • The logos of course types your language school provides (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.)
  • Skills one may acquire studying at your school (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
  • Call to action e.g. Join our school

When you add text to the cover image do not forget to leave 200px or more space from the right and left sides and 50px or more space from the top and bottom sides.

Don’t forget about your profile pictureIt is more likely to be the logo of your school in 360x360px. Let it be so impressive so that we can never forget it is you.

We don’t like nicknames, so provide the exact name of your school and let it be an influential one. Choose a short name, which tells everything about you. Use a name which I will search for.

You have the most convenient space to tell us who you are. Tell us a little bit about the story of your school. Introduce briefly your teaching methods and courses. Maybe you should also mention the professionalism of the teachers working at your school. Specify all the advantages of being your student. Talk about the atmosphere. Mention the success stories of your students. Be short, specific and impressive! Make us choose you!

We are as stuck in the web as a fly in honey. That’s why please give us URLs of your website and Facebook page.

Armenia is a small country, however being lost is not a nice feeling, so here we need the exact address of your school.

Perks, yes man, perks!!! I am sure you have wifi connection. No, I am not asking for the password, just let us know what we will benefit when we choose your school, besides knowledge. Maybe you can offer some coffee, tea or free use of your dictionaries.

Be more specific when you name the courses. Do not give us general names! If your “General English” course is somehow different from the general courses in other schools, then specify the difference in the course name, e.g. English course for travelers, English course for Administrative Workers, etc.

Don’t forget that visual information is much more influential. Share 5-6 photos which will show us how it looks like learning at your school. Let the photos illustrate the teaching and learning processes, or show us how your classrooms or library look like. Reveal the whole environment and let it be an attractive one.

If your language school organizes events, then share the details with us. Show us how we can become a part of the community!



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