EDU 3.4.4

We overhauled dashboard for you and developed tool to evaluate vocabulary gaps from open text. Some improvements on statistics and bug fixing.


  • Rework Dashboard
  • Vocabulary gap analysis (v1)


  • As a student I want to see my daily goal in home screen


  • Have statistics per user about where does user lack knowledge
  • Do not show very similar words in the same exercise
  • UI improvements on answer screen
  • Rework group list filters and page
  • In type exercises show answers screen a bit later hen there is a mistake
  • To render requests app goes into elasticsearch
  • Remake translation language screen
  • Improve School Finder stats graph in LMS dashboard
  • Send links to reports for each student who passed test with some extra info
  • Prepare page where students can see test results


  • In Android when typing in exercise card jumps up when opening keyboard
  • Different word classes show up in the same exercise
  • Filter sentences that have same work repeating
  • Fix “java.lang.NullPointerExceptionMainActivity”
  • Fix “undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘n.ref’)”
  • Training progress does not show up in LMS

This one should enable you to make better assessments on open text, we are very excited about this new feature and planning demo to the crown in DigitecExpo 2018.


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