EDU 3.4.5

We started working on new test engine, one can design placement, exit, level assessment tests now! Also improved exercises in vocabulary trainer, lot of small changes, see details below:


  • As a user, I want to see in the app what I have already completed
  • As a content manager I want to create material that contains static text blocks
  • As a student I want static content be rendered for me
  • As a content developer I want o add static multiple choice exercises to the content
  • As a student I want static multiple choice exercises be rendered
  • As a school member I want to see list of tests available to edit


  • Build a tool to simulate training
  • Humanize the speech options for Android
  • Show vocabulary training mistake details
  • Rewrite splash message
  • Remake spelling mistake solution
  • Improvements on Topic screen
  • Show lesson title in mobile
  • Reconsider performance and attendance indicator texts in app
  • Fix android app icon to have white background
  • Show daily goal on portion results screen
  • Have an option to go to leaderboard from portion results screen (or maybe scroll)
  • Redo ex. instructions style
  • In exclude ex., omit words with “general” subject
  • Levelise sentences for Business Results course
  • Add filter “Group Status” in Groups
  • Be able to create word from lesson edit page
  • Limit access to only public and own content
  • Add radio to group payment settings for “pay per group / student”
  • Bring payment term (for teacher) from partner to the group
  • Add school utilisation number to overall performance
  • Fix modal “Edit student info” in Group details
  • Validate expo vocabulary level analyser with AUA
  • Be able to edit word in course page
  • Show usage examples in word cards
  • Be able to manage word definitions in course page
  • List Grammar topics in confluence
  • Grammar gap analysis from text (research)
  • One should be able to create own course (with link to the partner/school)
  • Add reviewed status to word
  • Our admins need interface to review new words coming from schools and verify
  • Show courses page to schools
  • Add option to upload picture to courses
  • Add audio file tool to the editor
  • Create new role “Placement Test Taker”
  • Send notification to a teacher when new group is created
  • Create a new course language: French


  • In iOS in missing letters exercise one can remove fixed letters
  • Student reports don’t work
  • Correct and wrong results are mixed up
  • Due to network errors in course data get lost (test engine)
  • Mailgun: You are sending too fast
  • In results one see incomplete usage example sentences
  • Voice not found
  • TypeError: undefined is not an object
  • The selected voice was not found

Still – same mood – happy to bring value!


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