Creating digital placement tests like a pro

Our team has been working very hard on the improvement and sophistication of the variety of educational tools that we’ve created so far. While this is an ongoing process that we strive to prioritize among the rest of the tasks, we cannot help but come up with new ideas and ways to make teacher’s routine easier. This time round, we successfully launched a collaboration with the Extension of the American University of Armenia. The task was to ease placement processes, i.e. digitise placement tests for the new students.

While the idea might seem simple, the reality of digitising content with all of its depth requires an approach that’s advanced enough to accommodate and integrate every single feature of the material. Our team set out to create a tool that could be used not only for the specific requirement but also for any future challenges that the builder might have to overcome.


Each section of the test can have a different time limit, scoring system and order. After the learners are done with the section, they have to click “next” in order to proceed. The test warns them when it detects missed/unanswered items.

Our test creator allows you to attach media to the test. You can add images to create prompt-based question items or audio files for the listening section and individual listening items. It also supports YouTube videos for the most brave and futuristic test makers.
The essay block can be used for the long-turn answer items. This widget allows you to set “word minimum/maximum” limits while also adding a time limit. As they type, the learners will also be able to keep track of their essay and match the desired length.
Forget everything about copying variants and arranging learners so that they can’t cheat… With test creator you can join all of the variants of the same test and shuffle the sections, questions and items while retaining the authenticity of the original test.


Accessible only to the teachers, this interface of the test allows PDF downloads of the essay section for manual scoring, as well as Excel and CSV databases of all learners that took the test, along with their results and other detailed information.
Once the learners took the test and all of the scores are ready to be announced, the email button will turn blue for each learner and just like that, with a press of just one button, you will be able to notify the right person about their score and the future steps and guidance for the learners. 111 also allows you to fully customize the emails that are being sent.


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