Course Finder 1.1.0 More focus on courses.

Your language school is famous for nothing else but its courses. This is the reason why we shifted our attention from school search into a course search. Find out more in this release;

Course search
Vocabulary test integration
Search engine improvements

As mentioned above, we have switched the school search into a course search. What’s obvious? Now, the probability to get more students is much higher. You may wonder how. Well, as many courses you present on as many chances you will have to appear on the search page, thus, as many chances you will have to get more requests on joining your courses. But just filling some courses on the website is not enough. Excellent content is what matters most! If you want to get more students, precisely introduce them what they will get by joining you!

What do you usually do when someone wants to join your courses? Is it suggesting them to take a placement test? Probably yes. What if a prospective student comes to you and shows you that he/she is on a certain level and you do not have to delay the placement process? We have integrated the messenger bot test on, so now any user can take the test on the website, find relevant courses (most probably your courses) and join them. No more delay. Just welcome your new students.

In earlier versions, we had a few problems with the search engine to work properly. But during the last 2 weeks, we worked so hard and now you can benefit a better functionality.   

Here are the latest accomplishments in the scope of epics, tasks, stores, and bug-fixes.


  • Integrate Expo Test with School Finder
  • Search v3 /
  • Course Finder v 1.1.0


  • Send link to search after a user is done with messenger test
  • Filter Box Optimize
  • Update Bot messages
  • Fix undefined links (regenerate)
  • SEO asap steps to do
  • Add/change the welcome text for messenger
  • Update front images
  • Rewrite event logger (ga, ga:ec, pubsub, Piwik)
  • Intercom custom bot test v01
  • Hide “Course” section from filters
  • Split data default/corporate
  • Add questions we would like to have in messenger bot
  • Change map pointer
  • Send courses to test users by intercom
  • Cleanup sources
  • Make slider editable
  • Improve bugsnag integration
  • Add translations to elastic and API
  • Disable horizontal scroll on mobile
  • Make app translatable
  • Make translations API
  • Courses search page (prototype)
  • Course details page (prototype)
  • Automated code quality review
  • Make search filters (simple)
  • Make app layout
  • Somehow highlight selection when clicked on the map
  • Split to load the main block first and the rest later progressively to reduce render time
  • Add “greater than”, “greater than or equal”, “less than”, “less than or equal” in API
  • Speed up compile in development mode
  • Automate code review and validation in API
  • Add filters generator to API (simple)
  • Make school screen (simple)
  • Show all schools on map filter applied
  • Turn cursor to finger when pointing to schools or course on maps
  • Course Learn more / Book a free trial
  • “Free trial” label
  • Implement status update + add triggers on option model
  • Add admin contact check to login
  • Fetch schools and courses info in details page


  • Page load Issue
  • The bot does not return results
  • The bot does not react to start
  • Locate courses and events in a logical sequence
  • Footer locations refactoring
  • The bot does not react to some keywords
  • Cannot read property ‘title’ of undefined
  • School is not in the top when searching the exact name
  • Getting error when processing events from course finder in functions
  • Fix options comments deep populate


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