6 months of hard work! Course Finder connects


Convenience for students is what we care about. That is why we have brought all the language schools in one platform: course.dein order to give all of them the opportunity to promote their courses and to get more students. During the last months, our development team has been designing new features which will make your language courses more catchy for prospective students!

In this summary, you can find more detailed information on the following improvements

  • Switch school finder to course finder
  • “Discount” announcing
  • UX improvements

The Course Finder

Why would one search for language schools? It is more about courses and less schools. In the first version of the search engine, people could search language schools and find the courses based on a language school, but now the search is course-centric.

We introduced structure for you course data: if you want to be on the top of the search then perfect content is what matters most. Edit your courses to be the most famous one among search-lovers.

It is all about the discounts!!!

We all love sales and discounts. Here at Tutor, we thought that the best thing which will help you promote your courses in a much more effective way is the opportunity to tell about the discounts in the most vivid ways.


There are 3 main options to introduce discounts.

Standard Discounts 
Early-Bird Discounts
Last-Minute Discounts

So besides the option to announce the standard discounts here, we created 2 other even greater ways to make your future students much happier.

• Early Bird discounts
Everyone will love being the first to join your course if they know they will be awarded for that.

• Last minute discounts
Take the opportunity to complete your groups by announcing last-minute discounts.

And More

Besides designing new user-centric features, we do not forget about improving what we already have. In case you are interested in much details of what we have been doing, check out the following release note page where you can find what kind of tasks and bugfixes we have managed to accomplish.

Version 1.0.0

The long-term silence is now broken and from now on you’ll hear more about the creation and improvements of our tech-lovers team!!!


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