Future Tutors meet Tutor: First Steps of Collaboration with AUA

The Tutor team is delighted to announce the beginning of our collaboration with the American University of Armenia. The start was given with a lecture for master’s degree students majoring in “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. The short lecture was conducted by Artak Tovmasyan – the methodologist of the Tutor platform and was devoted to presenting how artificial intelligence can be implemented in the teaching process.

Artak Tovmasyan started his speech with the presentation of the three main components of Tutor platform;

  • Tutor Bot -language learning application,
  • LMS – system that helps organize the teaching and learning processes,
  • Course finder – a search engine that coordinates all the language schools in one place.

As the future EFL teachers were mainly interested in innovative methods of teaching languages, Artak Tovmasyan revealed the technology and the methodology of how the app runs and how it can be used in creating various curriculums, along with the research and developments that had been compiled to be able to create such platforms. Students were instructed on how to create new courses in the application and how to combine the app with textbooks and other materials to work more efficiently with students and to get the desired results.

Artak Tovmasyan also presented Tutor’s take of the assessment and categorization of proficiency levels while also revealing and discussing Tutor’s upcoming features which include the systems of vocabulary and grammar gap analysis and automated writing evaluation.

As prospective teachers, who were enthusiastic about the combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies, they were kindly invited to meet the Tutor team in our company and get acquainted with our mission of bringing creative solutions to conservative teaching and learning approaches.

After an effective session with the students, Tutor team is now getting ready for our next meeting with AUA professors which will be devoted to the presentation of Tutor learning management system.


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