Detect language proficiency level in a non-standard way


If you are a language teacher or a language school owner, then you constantly deal with assessing one’s language proficiency level. And what ways do you choose to do this? Do you offer written tests with multiple choice questions or assign them to write an essay? Or maybe you do an interview to understand their language skills by communicating. Whatever the case is you spend a good amount of time on the assessment.

Our team of solution generators has some good news for you considering this process. We have designed a language level detector test implemented on messenger. It assesses one’s vocabulary knowledge and shows in what topics they have vocabulary gaps.

Just ask your (future) students to take the test and give detailed answers to 10-15 questions, this will take them up to 15 minutes, they can stop and restart the test anytime they want. In this release, we have a few updates on the messenger test and here they are;

  • Content improvements
    We have edited the questions making them more interesting and less personal.
  • A better “results page”
    We have improved the “results page” where a test taker can find detailed information on their strengths and weaknesses and get recommendations.
  • Implementing the German test in messenger
    You can test your students’ knowledge of German as well with our messenger test.

As the test assesses only the vocabulary knowledge, our team is now working on an automated placement test which will test vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. So stay tuned and benefit the best.

Find out more on what we have done so far.

Release notes


  • Prepare screens for the test results page
  • Fix merge to take not null external id
  • Generate users from the test
  • Finalize UI
  • Prepare bottom block with improvement suggestions


  •  Courses without date do not save
  • Edits are not saved on front
  • Connect the explorer answers with searching results
  • The articles shown after the request is submitted come from instead of
  • Some courses can’t be saved on strapi because of empty “custom location” field
  • Courses added on the front do not go to strapi
  • Fix map lagging
  • Reviews and comments are not submitted
  • Pagination does not work
  • Log in does not work
  • Course short Id is updating after course update
  • Texts in “about course” section are not saved when editing the course


  • T:
  • Q: Stabilize
  • T: Corporate
  • Course Editor v2


  • As a user, I want to book a course without selecting a schedule
  • As a student, I want my profile accessible via the menu
  • As a community manager, I want to have a separate blog section on the blog to post polls, quizzes, etc.
  • As a content manager, I want to have text editing tools


  • Automate google function deployment
  • Remake test bot messages considering explorer/sales questions
  • Fix local environment
  • The image does not show up correctly in lists and details because of size differences
  • Implement German in bot
  • Automate test course finder pages with Ghostinspector
  • Disconnect components from redux when not necessary
  • Move some data from redux to providers
  • Change course creation to affect the periods.
  • Prototype CF new style
  • For German test results show different level units than in English
  • Show verified+near you courses from different schools on the front
  • Show relevant similar courses
  • Add  “Create Course” button


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