Enhanced content. Adjustable notifications. Edu 4.1.0/4.2.0

Last week was productive and we managed to do quite a lot. Here is what we did.

  • We improved the training logic and made the app function in a better way
  • Redid performance and daily goal calculations
  • Improved content of learning materials and reworked Messenger bot test
  • Did some changes in notification centre

Learning with smarter vocab trainer

For our language learners we have improved vocab trainer’s functionalities. From now on they can continue the training where they left off.

In this version of Tutor vocab app a drag-drop function for puzzle exercises is now better. And the scrolling experiance has become smoother.

Learning outcomes are more precise

It is very important to understand your students’ dedication to the learning process. Now you can see how much time your students spend on learning vocabulary.  The time spent on the training will appear below your student’s name in Tutor LMS.

For leanguage learners we’ve reamstered the calculation of overall performance and progress. Now the daily goal is more exact and depends also on schedule and number of lessons. For this matter, we excluded word card sections from the performance calculation and now at least one exercise must be completed in order to get a report on correct and incorrect answers.

More coherent learning content

We have enriched learning materials by adding more textbooks. We also eased the privacy restrictions and enabled simultaneously usage of the same coursebook for several schools. This means you will save precious time for uplaoding vocabulary for the given book and use the one we already have in our platform.

We took another look at our level detection chatbot. After analyzing your answers to Messenger bot test we have remastered questions and improved the general flow.  Now it runs more fluently and takes less effort to receive results.

More flexible notification centre

The time is very valuable for the teachers because of a tight schedule and they usually don’t like to spend much time on organizing details. So in case, the teacher needs to cancel the lesson or change the venue or something like this instead of contacting the school manager he can leave a note on the group. This feature will make the communication between teacher and school manager easier and faster.

To make the performance of your administrative issues more comfortable we have improved our notification system.  Now our notifications are more flexible, you can send any type of notification to your teachers, managers or students with any type of text, link or another type of information, enable or disable your notifications whenever you want.

Work done last week


             Refactor Training

    • Improved training logic
    • Made app function in a better way
    • Did technical improvements
    • Redid performance and daily goal calculations
    • Improved content of learning materials
    • Did some UX improvements


  • Prepare better UI for school analytics page
  • Review CRM UI/UX
  • As a teacher, I want to see how much time each student spent on training
  • As a teacher, I want to leave a note on a group (for admin)
  • As a group manager I want to change a non-language group to a language group
  • Disable notifications
  • As a course owner I want to let more than one partner to use the coursebook
  • Make GROUP optional when creating another event in the timetable
  • Improve school analytics UI
  • Add a training icon on a message mode in Android
  • Rework English bot test questions and messages
  • Reorder bot tests topics

Bug fix

  • Messages sent from admin do not appear in mobile without reopen
  • When scrolling up, more than one word card swipes over in Android
  • Placement test download does not work for some essays
  • Invalid date in Timetable
  • Messages sent from mobile do not appear without refresh
  • Unable to simulate the training
  • Unable to start the 1st portion of the lesson
  • 404 or “blank” instead of a picture
  • Placement Test-takers did not receive result emails
  • Clicking on contact name shows 404
  • Can’t edit student from the group
  • Unable to train a lesson on a German course “Begegnungen”


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