It is widespread for German students to get confused by the four German verbs “werden”, “wurden”, “worden” and “würden” repeatedly. This article clarifies their meaning and usage.

What is the problem with “werden”, “wurden”, “worden” and “würden”?

During her work as an online German teacher, Stefanie Pietschmann gets to know and works with many different students who come from various countries worldwide. Still, almost all of them struggle when it comes to these four verbs. 

In my honest opinion, the reason is that the differentiation of the pronunciation of these three words is difficult for somebody whose first language does not know Umlaute (the name for the letters ä,ö,ü). For them, the letters “u” and “ü” almost sound the same. Besides, there are also problems with the differentiation between “a“,”o” and “u“. For many, it is hard to pronounce them and, respectively, also to recognize them …..


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