Edu Release 5.7.8

# Nov 09 – Nov 20 / 2020

Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.8


  • Homework assignment for each lesson
  • Web version platform for a student
  • Automatic score grading for a placement test


  • As a manager/teacher I want to assign the IB as a homework on every lesson
  • As a Student I want to see my messages / messaging
  • As a Student I want to learn when clicking on practice button


  • Enable score assigning for each question in placement test
  • Restyle interactive book exercises
  • Schedule placement test if setup on course
  • Plan Student Frontend
  • Final grade on Reports
  • Re-work dashboard
  • Re-style messaging
  • Move add button as a card in material and course lists
  • Move timetable and messaging icons to header
  • Filter Finished groups
  • Issues on student frontend
  • Fix button shadow and center text
  • Add Homework performance to Test
  • Integrate homework to mobile
  • Phone and email fields do not have labels


  • User can change last answer in IB
  • Task Management improvements
  • Bug fixes in homework
  • Stopped students appear on Test
  • Unable to unhide word in Fill the gap ex.
  • Unable to assign customised grading
  • Notes page on Group details is broken
  • Groups with Homework feature enabled can’t be reset
  • Clear sections with old date
  • Some courses don’t appear in mobile
  • Wrong Period start/End date on Teacher’s Salary
  • Unable to train IB after reset
  • Wrong date on a new Attendance
  • Error after sending message
  • Join links don’t work on Dashboard
  • Getting an error on Group detail
  • Current date is not selected on a new attendance
  • Canceled slote’s date is transparent


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