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Custom features on top of existing solution

Education is like any other business regardless if is commercial or non-profit.

Businesses have standard needs of customer relation management, business analysis and finance management. There are plenty of tools in the market like Intercom, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Slack and so on.

We can help to integrate your existing solutions into single, harmonic platform. No multiple logins, no security issues.

We can help to:

  • integrate with existing website
  • external CRM tool
  • finance management tool
  • external reporting tool
  • marketing platforms.

Tailoring platform to your needs

Tutor platform is highly configurable, there are many options in school and learning configurations, and that is not all.

We will help to configure and train your personal to transition to modern digital education practices and processes.

We provide a framework to streamline your education business processes and speak same language.

This includes:

  • understanding your marketing and sales needs
  • preparing / configuring platform to your training kind and needs
  • setting up notifications
  • training and monitoring your team using tools correctly.

Digital Training of Trainers (ToT)

We understand that digitalisation for education sector is a challenge.

Now days trainers are more open to changes and situation requires to switch to online training.

We also understand that basic digital tools over internet is not yet a e-learning and have course designed for trainers to overcome fear of technology.

Training includes:

  • designing e-learning materials
  • using training management tools
  • building quizzes
  • becoming familiar with virtual classroom solutions
  • understanding specifics of training over internet
  • watching analytics.

Education Business Analysis

Education is also a business with complete cycle of business processes.

As a consequence it also requires decent analytics if designed for success. Includes combining analytics integrated into Tutor Platform, web analytics, user behaviour analytics and so on.

Tool set depends on how successful do you want to be. Those include GA, Tutor Platform School, Learning, Finance Analytics, Redash, Apache Superset and so on.

Here we:

  • help setup analytics tools
  • cloud based data processing pipelines
  • BI viewers
  • setup alerts and reports
  • integrate with different reporting channels.

E-Learning Content Development

Digital teaching is a challenge especially when it comes to designing e-learning materials. Traditional materials are analog and scanning is first of all brings all sorts of complicated legal licensing issues on board, second and most difficult part is professionally designing attractive materials that will engage your students.

This process includes building structure, design screens, prepare text content and graphics. Best is use video materials to make it complete.

We do help to build:

  • Interactive learning materials
  • Design question system to assess learning
  • Implement placement and exam tests
  • Prepare image graphics
  • Digitise conventional materials and make those interactive.

Education Marketing

Courses are sold like any other product and requires to visually be presented well, proper graphics, relevant description, detailed and well defined structure.

All this need to be delivered via different channels in different platforms: social media, course and event marketplaces, events.

Content requires detailed SEO analysis and structuring.

With professional marketing, content and graphic specialists on board we plan and deliver your courses.

Integrate with Proprietary Tools

We deploy custom integrations and data sync with legacy components. In Some cases Training Center is already deep into own custom solution.

We do implement:

  • Singe Sign On
  • Real time data sync
  • Integration with Sales Force
  • Integration with proprietary ERP tools
  • Integration with reporting tools.