Optimise processes and increase your school’s productivity

Google Spreadsheets, Email, Whatsapp? Please…

Start student assessment

Create tests using all types of media. Drag and drop to get the order in the way you want. Add ready-made multiple-choice, open-end and essay exercises.

Assess students’ proficiency level with customisable tests. Evaluate your students’ language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and arrange them into the right groups.

Prepare your staff

Add venues for classrooms, set a minimum and maximum number of students they can accommodate. Facilitate location resources and avoid overlaps in scheduling and planning lessons.

Start your HR processes here. Create accounts for all of your staff members. Assign them corresponding roles. Puff finances, accounting, scheduling and planning.

Enrol students

Create students from requests, add them into groups, consider group sizes and available places.
Adjust group settings based on your customer requests. Payment options, schedule, course book, certificate.

Identify New KPIs

In the school profile dashboard, the correlation of 3 most important indicators (student utilization, student performance, and attendance) reveals to you which actions you should take next.

You’ll find answers to questions like why students drop-out from the groups (coefficient of student retention), which kind of training students like more, how to affect their performance, etc.

Want to see how this runs in real live?