How to keep the training center afloat. 5 steps

It’s not a secret that training centers have been drastically affected by COVID 19. To help you stay afloat we’ve developed and improved the following: 

  1. E-learning tool: Interactive book, quizz
  2. Virtual Classroom: Liveboard, Lessons Space, Zoom
  3. Analytics: Learning, school
  4. Communication: In-app, mobile messaging, notifications
  5. CRM: Mailchimp, Hubspot integrations

1. E-Learning

We’ve improved and re-mastered our E-learning tool. You now can create your own interactive books and quizzes.

What gives that to my training center

By having your own digital learning materials you’ll benefit from it in several areas.

Engage and retain ongoing students

  • Engage students with interactive content and increase their satisfaction
  • Provide gamification and boost their motivation to learn
  • Let them learn at their own pace
  • Get instant feedback on student performance
  • Adjust the training content to that feedback
  • Use e-learning materials both on live virtual classes and also as homework

Win new markets

  • Provide online live classes with interactive through our virtual classroom world wide
  • Reuse digital books for different audiences

2. Virtual Classroom

To avoid disruptions in the classroom, you can now conduct online live classes on Lessonspace, Liveboard or Zoom.

What gives that to my training center

Virtual classrooms allow you to conduct realtime lessons and not disrupt the usual learning-teaching-cycle. Most importantly, through virtual classroom you can

  • Collaborate with your students
  • Work on the whiteboard
  • Share documents
  • Use interactive books
  • Track students’ result and instantly give feedback

3. Analytics

We’ve improved both learning and school analytics.

What gives that to my training center

“Data is the new oil”. If you possess data, you can control your success. We gather analytical data so that you can see

  • how successful you run your training center
  • how and if your staff and the number of students grow
  • how the overall productivity is
  • which courses are most popular
  • how well teachers perform and much more

4. Communication

We’ve created 3 channels through which you can run all communication in your training centre.

What gives that to my training center

Correctly steered communication can save you a business. In Tutor Platform, there are 3 communication channels.

In-app, push notifications allow you to

  • notify students about their course details (start date, cancelled lesson, delayed payments)
  • send announcements on new courses, discounts or upcoming events and webinars

With mobile messaging

  • students can communicate with their classmates
  • teachers can send text and voice messages to students, give assignments, remind about important dates and tasks
  • school managers can follow the communication flow and interfere if necessary

Custom e-mail notifications help you

  • automate the entire flow of communication process
  • send strategic e-mails to students and your staff
  • keep them engaged and up-to-dated

5. CRM

Besides building our own CRM, we’ve also integrated Mailchimp to Tutor Platform.

What gives that to my training center

CRM (Client Relationship Management) is a great tool to manage your contacts. You can benefit from it in 2 ways:

1. Organise and manage perspective students

  • keep everyone who showed interest in your training center in one place
  • organise them by labels depending on actions taken (contacted, evaluated, enrolled in group)
  • follow up consistently by sending e-mails, reminders or discount offers

2. Announce and sell course offerings

  • create branded registration forms
  • add all the questions and requirements you want the applicant to meet
  • share these branded forms in all social channels, send them via e-mails to get more students

Explore Tutor Platform and see what it’s all about.


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