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How to keep the training center afloat. 5 steps

It's not a secret that training centers have been drastically affected by COVID 19. To help you stay afloat we've developed and improved the following:  E-learning tool: Interactive book, quizz

How successful is your school?

You run a training center. How successful is it? Can you measure it? You could say, "Well, almost all my courses are already on course.de, I have a stable number

5 Tips to Simplify Learning Management System

Knowledge, achieved through learning, is probably the most paramount asset for any organization who wants to stay competitive and thriving. To make sure that online training courses are superbly managed

Manage Conferences Trainings Gatherings

Facebook, google forms, google sheets and emails. How would one alternatively organise events? The usual flow of conference or training organisation announce register organise communicate your agenda let attendees represent

Exploring Sprachinstitut Berlin

When it comes to choosing between different language schools, decision making can be very difficult. Today’s market is packed with various offers. To help you with this tough job, we’ll