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Facebook, google forms, google sheets and emails. How would one alternatively organise events?

The usual flow of conference or training organisation

  • announce
  • register
  • organise
  • communicate your agenda
  • let attendees represent themselves
  • gather stats
  • run numbers

There are easy and not so easy ways to organise an event and those ways depend on your scale.

Are you an individual organising 1-2 events a year?

Go your way! Do not bother unless you aim to scale and want to show your clients you know what you are doing and show professionalism.

Are you an organisation or running 10+ events a year?

You would definitely want to research better ways of organising events as those might save you tons of time, increase your customer satisfaction, help you increase your sells.

What is the right way of organising trainings, small conferences or courses?

Acquiring Customers

Create form / advertise your course which will lead your clients right into CRM with requests which you can process further.

There is nice and smooth path with basic workflow on request management. You can assign right CSRs to handle different requests, set statuses, reminders and monitor the progress.

Organising Into Groups

Put your trainees into right groups right from requests, the tool will help you not to overbook rooms, trainers.

All this will be communicated to your trainees via email so they will not miss important parts. They can use mobile app to see details fo the training, other participants to prepare for networking.

In case of adjustments you can send additional messages to trainees to notify them on changes.

Training Content

Did you prepare upfront? Good for you! Upload presentation, additional documents, describe your agenda and speakers. Some would rather prefer to know agenda upfront and prepare to sessions.

Paper? Paper is not the best solution for two reasons:

  • environment! be environment friendly, it is 21st century, technology is enough mature to handle basic needs.
  • how are you going to update paper agendas in case of changes? people get sick, plans change, “things” happen and apologies are not helpful.


Some say time is the most valuable resource, no! People – we are most valuable resource.

It is not that easy to gather everyone into Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger groups or again going with paper print participant list.

Use integrated messaging and let people to represent themselves. Attendees can message each other and find each other. Most of networking events or trainings do not offer any means.

Communicating to the crowd: let people ask questions via messages instead of screaming.


Would you want to know more about demographics, most active people, how materials are performing? There are bunch of stats on above mentioned metrics and more. Bring it to the next level, know more about your audience.

Run Numbers

One must contribute to society, but one also has to earns some money. Use finances to invoice your customers, pay your trainers/colleagues, record expenses and monitor your business from finance perspective.


Organising trainings or conferences is not easy!

Try us!


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