Create content and stream it with your brand-made app

You tailor a student specific course and it is being executed on Tutor app. All the training content, i.e., vocabulary, exercises and their sequence-option combination, appears according to your adjustments.

Tailored Learning Content

Based on the content you import, Tutor app generates a dynamic study material. You design it with interactive exercises and adjust to your student needs.

Descriptive Word Cards

Enter vocabulary words or choose them from Tutor database. Add definitions, images to them. Configure yourself what and how should all this media appear on word cards depending on students’ level and preferences.

Engaging Exercises

To attract your students to hard-learning, add interactive and interesting exercises from Tutor database. Just drag and drop the ones you like most.

Learning Outcomes

After completing a portion, students see their results. Currently they see how many mistakes they’ve made and how much of daily goal they’ve completed. In the near future, this indicators will be multiplied.


An easy way to keep all communication under one roof. No need to run different groups and channels on various messengers. Here you can talk to all group students, send and receive documents.


Help your students stay on track. Announce important information of your choice or keep on receiving our articles on language learning in News.

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EDU Component Releases

Edu Release 5.7.2
| 30 August

# July 10 – Aug 23 / 2020 Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.2 Highlights Session bookings

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Edu Release 5.7.1
| 30 August
# July 27 - Aug 09 / 2020 Release notes - Tutor Education - Version 5.7.0 Highlights Better learning
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