Edu Release 5.6.6

# June 28 – July 12 / 2020

Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.6.6


  • Voice messaging in conversations!
  • Interactive Book looks even better
  • Mew exercise types for Interactive Book
  • Lots of small fixes and changes.


  • Update react native elements
  • Re-work Interactive Book results page UX/UI
  • Popup a message when leaving the section without saving in IB editor
  • Make images in Interactive book to fit the screen in mobile and tablets
  • Implement Voice messaging for App
  • Exercise type improvements on mobile
  • Mobile web training is not user friendly as “Next” the button is on the top
  • Show performance in participant list


  • The Group name is different on the Chat and Group detail
  • Push notification without right logo
  • One section got missed on user’s side
  • Learning stats time is showing negative values
  • Students images don’t appear on app
  • Students names with latin letters on App
  • Dialog showing how to configure text to speech looks broken
  • Word is displayed partially for the missing word ex. on mobile
  • Interactive book learning progress does not show up in mobile
  • Unable to scroll up/down when dropping a plugin
  • Can’t play an audio on IB
  • Zoom error on auto created group
  • The progress of the question bar is not updated after delete
  • Fix messaging styles
  • Question replaced with another one when typing
  • User sees “plugin is not supported” in IB
  • Chinese training does not start because of speech
  • Show Performance on tooltip in Group details
  • Chinese course contents shows white page in mobile
  • Time limit on Material in mobile
  • App is not responding after opening Chat for new users
  • The order of sections is mixed
  • “Student has been withdrawn” template is broken


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