Specialised Training Centre


  • you have issues organising your trainings
  • hard time collecting payments
  • sales mess
  • student data mess
  • lots of tools and no proper integration
  • no decent virtual classroom solution
  • ppt presentations, pdf scans, no interaction
  • insecure, public communication tools
  • luck of analytic info and training monitoring
  • no brand.


Subjects You Can Teach

  • natural sciences including coding
  • robotics and programming to kids
  • languages
  • business subjects like Sales, Management and Marketing
  • arts like design, painting
  • sports like Yoga or Fitness over internet or offline
  • music.

Use Cases

  • teach online over zoom or virtual classroom
  • teach offline blended – in classroom with digital learning materials
  • manage b2b training with hr reporting.


Pro plan with 2 € per active student per month.
30 days free trial.