Pick a Course or Develop

Pick up a ready-to-go course or build a new one. Develop (or use existed) and apply teaching approaches based on the linguistic profile of your students: their progress, learning styles and learning goals, hobbies, etc.

Configure Exercises for Quizzes

Build your quiz from plenty of exercises available. Consider student level, age, other specifics. NLP tools help you adjust dynamic parameters.

Upload your Own Thesaurus

Create own branded pictures, own style to impress, engage and interact your students. Add your own definitions and usage examples.

Create content for all purposes

Design a dynamic, content-reach courses with a user-friendly editor. Use it either as a placement test or an interactive book or an instructional guide.

Interactive Exercises

Automatic Essay Evaluation tool, audio recorder, video content. Everything is hooked to analytics. This gives you lots of detailed info about your students’ learning style and gaps.

NLP-based Mistake Checker

Spare time and let essays and other writing tasks be automatically checked by a machine-learning-based algorithms. Besides this, NLP based text analyser can give detailed info about vocab, grammar gaps. Students, in their turn, will immediately see their results, including the checked essays.

Want to see how this runs in real live?

EDU Releases

Edu Release 5.7.2
| 30 August

# July 10 – Aug 23 / 2020 Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.2 Highlights Session bookings

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Edu Release 5.7.1
| 30 August
# July 27 - Aug 09 / 2020 Release notes - Tutor Education - Version 5.7.0 Highlights Better learning
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