Edu Release 5.7.2

# July 10 – Aug 23 / 2020

Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.2


  • Session bookings through mobile app
  • Push and email notifications for booked sessions
  • Instant feedback for E-Learning materials


  • As a Student I want to request for a session from mobile group
  • As a Mentor I want to receive email when someone requests for mentorship session
  • As a Mentor I want to accept session request via web
  • As a Mentee I want to receive push notification when accepted
  • As a Student I want to see next session join link in mobile/group
  • As a student I want to see correct answers after submitting each section


  • Split Explore section by something
  • Add option to add math exercises to IB
  • Re-style learn section
  • Translate English texts into Armenian
  • Coaf Logo and splash screen redesign
  • Restyle results page (mobile first)
  • Update cover for group sub pages in mobile
  • Add option to link teacher to the course
  • Show upcoming lessons on mobile
  • Label Finished Groups on Learn
  • Show confirmation after session request
  • Waiting status for not approved requests
  • Prepare visual identity (incl. illustration styles)
  • Mark scheduled time as unavailable
  • Back button in IB’s section menu
  • B crushes after a question or two
  • IB on AUA app crushes after answering a question


  • Display Course names fully on mobile
  • Trainings can’t be accessed by some students
  • Refresh the Learn after course enrollment
  • Image upload from settings doesn’t work
  • Courses are broken on Mobile
  • App is stopping when tapping on practice button
  • One should be able to request to join a course from mobile without self-booking on
  • Align Chat icon
  • Names of courses with long title are partly under status bar in mobile.
  • Disable “Confirm and Continue” button for past dates
  • Request session button is not visible
  • Under explore, sections are changing their position after every refresh so the startup is losing visual connection to the content
  • Quiz does not have a voice(speech) on android
  • Errors while opening IB


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