Edu Release 5.7.1

# July 27 – Aug 09 / 2020

Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.0


  • Better learning analytics
  • Improved authoring tool
  • Better user experience for quiz creation


  • As a Teacher I want to see how my students learn (review/evaluate)


  • Show last training date/time (Not Set)
  • Better loading indicator for IB and LMS
  • Add option to delete the added question within a question plugin
  • Show training results immediately


  • Learning takes too much traffic
  • Quiz-i image editor-@ jardvac a
  • Group title overlaps with the date on Chat in LMS
  • The save button continuosly loads after saving something on Quiz
  • Error when getting to results page
  • Missing subjects in Learning Materials
  • Wrong order of the material on Mobile
  • IB scrolls to top after Next
  • CRM request confirmation mail
  • Lessons with the same date/time are mixing when opening
  • App crashes on Explore


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