Manage the finances of your language school

Control pricing models, teachers’ salaries, incomes and expenses

Pricing Models

Automate Charging Process

Are you charging hourly or monthly? Maybe per lesson? Choose the suitable option for you when creating a new group or updating existing data.

Fix fee payment method per month or per session and set the pricing model per student or per group.

Automate Paying Process

Are you paying hourly or monthly? Maybe per lesson? Spreadsheets are not best options to handle teacher salary paperwork.

Configure teacher salary per course or for specific groups. Course has flexible salary calculation mechanism, reduce human error.

Flexbile Course Schedule

Manage from short conferences till long term trainings.

Define conference agenda, course schedule or leave it flexible. System will plan sessions accordingly, put them onto calendar, send reminders.

Pay Salary / Control School Costs

Based on schedule on course and teacher salary info scheduled salary and payslips will be generated. Automate those, have scheduled emails out without paying for expensive solutions. Keep it simple, schools do not need complex solutions, nor unnecessary costs.

Student Fee / Invoice Management

Basic invoice generator, fee management tool will help you cover all basic needs. Basic workflow is implemented which will be enough to cover your needs and still deal with corporate customers – appropriately invoice and remind.

Expense Management Tool

It is not just salary and invoice, training center needs pens and paper and other stuff. Expense management tool will help you record and monitor the process.

Want to see how this runs in real life?