Edu Release 4.2.1

# April 19 – May 04 / 2019

Release notes – Tutor Bot – Version 4.2.1


  • Bot to Evaluate German Gaps


  • As a user I want to repeat a portion
  • As a Group Manager I want to see student discounts
  • As a student I want to have my profile page in mobile
  • As a student I want to see the word’s subject on a word card
  • As a student I want my groups change every time I change a coursebook in the app


  • Try to lower android os version requirements based on course finder users statistics
  • Prepare layout for Mobile v5
  • Research placement test which is accepted by most schools
  • Unify LMS list layouts
  • Prepare generic placement test based on Cambridge test
  • Enable course for Tutor school to test
  • Clarify Bella’s questions
  • Close Salary payment option for teacher
  • Prepare style for email template
  • Research new clipboard/image sources
  • Release mobile 4.2.2 (1710) to production
  • Prepare spec for daily goal
  • Have option to set labels on contacts
  • Add a german option in translation mode in LMS

Bug fixes

  • It’s possible to sign up in app with an incorrect email address
  • Executed time is incorrectly calculated
  • On focus book mobile re-asks for onboarding
  • In Mobile play button is unstable
  • Type exercise submit scrolls screen up in iOS
  • Lesson duration does not persist in attendance form
  • Fix mobile to show daily goal progress properly
  • Fix home scree layout for old iPhones < iPhone X
  • Sometimes one cannot start with “I am Beginner” button in mobile
  • Fix placement Test Essay section manual grade box hight
  • Our beloved Sveta cannot practice with Tutor App
  • Calendar filter is broken in Groups


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