Learn Chinese, chat with mates. New collection 5.2/5.3

Dear learning enthusiasts, we were so busy with developing Tutor app, that didn’t have time to announce you all the changes ever since. Don’t be surprised if you start learning with Tutor app after some pause. We’ve completely changed the way it looks.

In this version, we have

  • new design and new logo
  • soon-to-go Chinese course
  • virtual classroom
  • direct and group messaging

Let’s start with more details.

Learn Chinese and more

In my recent post, I’ve already mentioned that we’ve added French and Spanish to languages you can learn. Watch out, we are currently developing a Chines course. With a Berlin-based sinology specialist, we are working on a General Chinese course which will be built on the basis of Pinyin. Pinyin is a romanization system for Standard Chinese. First prototypes are already there. As soon as we have a complete module, I’ll let you know.

Before having a ready-to-go Chines course, continue practicing the languages you’ve started. As you’ll notice, we’ve completely changed training’s design. But the way it functions is still the same. First, you see word cards, then simple exercises are followed by spelling exercises. In the end, you use these words in context to memorise them better. Newly, we’ve added a result page. This means, after finishing a portion, you’ll see your progress, mistakes, etc.

Learn where you want

With the time, learning opportunities boost, allowing us to learn when and where we want. For most of us working with busy schedule and travelling worldwide, it’s essential to be able to learn online. That’s why, together with Liveboard, we’ve enabled a virtual classroom.

After your teacher actives the online lesson, they’ll send you link to your online class. You’ll see then all the lesson explained on your mobile phone.

Manage courses and communicate

You may have already noticed that Tutor app is not only a vocabulary training app. Besides mastering new words, it’s become your training management app. Here ‘s what it means.

  • you can create a public profile with a photo, bio, hobbies.
  • send and receive documents within your groups.
  • see who your classmates are
  • communicate with your classmates directly or in a group
  • see course details on your attendance and progress
  • read latest news
  • get push notifications

What's next

We are currently preparing the tablet version for Tutor app. Learning will be much more comfortable on the tablet.

But the biggest news is that we are going up to the next level with Tutor app. We are expanding it to be not only a vocabulary trainer, not only a training management tool, but something that will cover all your learning needs. Don’t expect me to reveal everything here and now. Soon, you’ll have it all on your own.

For now, update Tutor app: IOS and Android

Join our English, German, Spanish and French clubs if you live in Armenia. If you are based in Berlin, here are the clubs for you. Language clubs, of course. The other ones you’ll find yourself, I’m sure. Soo, English Club Berlin and German Club Berlin.

Join, raise your questions and get useful tips on language learning.

Cheers! See you in the next version.


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