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Assign homework via Tutor Platform: why to and how to?

In our virtual classrooms, some mess will occur if we do not organize our web issues precisely and neatly. Even in face-to-face communications puzzling thing happens if we do not

Zoom, Virtual Classroom, and other tools to make communication great

The technical world is becoming more and more wanted nowadays, especially after the outbreak of CoronaVirus. Most of us have started to work, attend classes, hold seminars online, etc. That's

LMS Release 5.3.2

Release notes Story As a School Manager I want to enable School level Checkin from LMS As a School Manager I want to checkin student via mobile phone As a

Learn Chinese, chat with mates. New collection 5.2/5.3

Dear learning enthusiasts, we were so busy with developing Tutor app, that didn't have time to announce you all the changes ever since. Don't be surprised if you start learning

LMS Release 5.3.1

# Sept 22 – 29 / 2019 Epics CRM v4 Stories As a candidate I want to upload my photo via request form As a Student I want to be

LMS Release 5.3.0

Story As CSR I want to export request as PDF As a Student I want to see all public courses from the partner in web As a School Manager I

LMS release 5.2.3

Epic [LMS-55] – Messaging (Done) [LMS-66] – Register School (Done) [LMS-244] – CRM v3 (Done) [LMS-357] – Finances v4 (Done) [LMS-515] – LMS Improvements v2 (Done) [LMS-598] – Divisions v2

LMS Release 5.2.2

Epic [LMS-58] – Document Management [LMS-251] – Certification Story [LMS-533] – As a Group manager I want to see ONLY my division info [LMS-676] – As a CSR I want

Easily and quickly: LMS 5.2.1

Running own business can be tough from time to time. If you are your own boss, you should consider loads of things to keep your customers happy and don't burn

Running a startup event? Pretty popular these days

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How is startup event different from any other? There are investors wondering in for great minds! Your goal as event organiser is to help those meet. How you could do