LMS Release 5.2.2



  • [LMS-533] – As a Group manager I want to see ONLY my division info
  • [LMS-676] – As a CSR I want embed request form into website
  • [LMS-805] – As a CSR I want to see request data somewhere in request list
  • [LMS-808] – As a School Manager I want to mark course as public
  • [LMS-809] – As a School Manager I want to provide Course description and image
  • [LMS-811] – As a School Manager I want to mark course as self-booking


  • [LMS-635] – Re-send payment reminder
  • [LMS-636] – Send notification to Financial Assistant/Group manager about last attendance
  • [LMS-730] – Public profiley (vor hima sxal bana cuic talis) ga hover-ov inch vor mi dzev
  • [LMS-731] – Performance u Lesson Progress progress-bar-ery mianan mi hat darnan
  • [LMS-732] – Attendancey u Attendance-i gradery mi block-ov cuic tanq
  • [LMS-737] – Performance-i blocky andur tesq uni (nor designov anenq)
  • [LMS-740] – Testeri grid@ restyle anenq
  • [LMS-743] – Group Details ejy optimisacnenq 3 chapi ekranneri hamar (heraxos, tablet+hin ekranner, mecer)
  • [LMS-744] – Have a config on course level to disable attendance, participants for self-learning courses
  • [LMS-746] – On learn page show other info / description
  • [LMS-747] – Have an option to disable performance and practice
  • [LMS-763] – Improve analytics for small screens
  • [LMS-765] – Fix bugsnag web app errors
  • [LMS-803] – Add new field type in request form
  • [LMS-804] – Add NUMBER input field in Request Form
  • [LMS-815] – Change to link form from course instead of course from form


  • [LMS-750] – Balance is not created for cloned courses
  • [LMS-754] – There is no calculated fee for students added to the group
  • [LMS-756] – Total isn’t calculated in Expences
  • [LMS-761] – Conversations do not have titles
  • [LMS-762] – For some screen sizes analytics break
  • [LMS-764] – Cannot findOne() without specifying a more specific where clause. (If you want to work around this, use .find().limit(1).)
  • [LMS-767] – Courses assigned to a group are not loading
  • [LMS-773] – Group end date shows current date instead of actual end date
  • [LMS-774] – Undefined role when trying to access dashboard with role “lite”
  • [LMS-802] – Can’t preview COAF request form
  • [LMS-819] – Not possible to create a request without course


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