LMS Release 5.3.1

# Sept 22 – 29 / 2019


  • CRM v4


  • As a candidate I want to upload my photo via request form
  • As a Student I want to be automatically added to the group if self-booking is enabled


  • Attendance submit button and messenger button are overlapping.
  • Make permission for Create button in Members
  • Improve Requests reminders
  • Redesign filters for Students page
  • Request date is invalid
  • Change Status colors with different colors
  • Add app.course.am and app.tutor.berlin aliases to LM
  • Hide passed courses
  • Make phone number format in request form same as in contacts (+374) 23 536254
  • Improve news in mobile
  • Add student’s middle name to student list


  • TypeError: a is not a function
  • Opening app.tutor.berlin or app.course.am should redirect back to domains if user is not logged in
  • After setting password one has top close and open app
  • Messaging indicators show double numbers in mobile
  • Division is not saved when I edit the request


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