LMS release 5.2.3



  • [LMS-781] – As a School Manager I want to publish news to my students
  • [LMS-801] – As a Student I want to enrol a course from mobile (wire)
  • [LMS-810] – As a Student I want to see course details with available schedules in mobile (group start/end dates)
  • [LMS-828] – As a School Manager I want to mark course as self-booking
  • [LMS-831] – As a School Manager I want to export student data as xls
  • [LMS-833] – As a School Manager I want to upload photo on Student


  • [LMS-724] – Rename language to subject
  • [LMS-735] – Notery xmbavorenq mi ejum, u ed ereva ham usanoxi mot ham el xmbi mej noter-i bajnum
  • [LMS-770] – Translate to Russian
  • [LMS-779] – Import xls to IAB request list
  • [LMS-786] – Setup custom domain for COAF
  • [LMS-789] – Package mobile app for COAF only
  • [LMS-817] – Improve Request Forms
  • [LMS-818] – Create Ghost Inspector tests
  • [LMS-829] – Move contact data from request to contact
  • [LMS-830] – Have an option to edit additional fields on contact
  • [LMS-837] – Update mobile to read news from school news section
  • [LMS-849] – In group details page show student details (not user details)


  • [LMS-825] – Apply SMART Citizen branding to ios app


  • [LMS-820] – Request Form conditional fields do not work on ios (safari?)
  • [LMS-844] – Can’t fill COAF week2 form
  • [LMS-845] – Student info is merged If phone number is the same but the names are different


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