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Ի՞նչ է նախագծի կառավարումը։ Ամեն ինչ Project Management-ի մասին

10.12.20Ի՞նչ է նախագծի կառավարումը։ Ամեն ինչ Project Management-ի մասինProject Manager, Product Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master` հաստատ լսել եք այս մասնագիտությունների մասին, կամ ծանոթ եք դրանց էությանն ու ուզում եք

Can design help you learn better? Yes, it can!

Do you think design is just a surface and self-expression means? We think, design can do more. Let’s see how. Learning habits through designTutor app is developed to make vocabulary

Learn Chinese, chat with mates. New collection 5.2/5.3

Dear learning enthusiasts, we were so busy with developing Tutor app, that didn't have time to announce you all the changes ever since. Don't be surprised if you start learning

Tutor app becomes your course assistant

Here at Tutor Team we strive to make your language learning experience smoother and efficient and best as it can be. No seriously, it's become an obsession. Now let's see

Articles in German: still a pain in the a***?

There is a good saying: one never learns German. It’s like an apartment renovation: you never finish it, you adjourn it! With all of the good intentions, one area of

A cup of tea or a coke? British English vs American English

Do you like biscuits or cookies? Do you wear trousers or pants? The English language exists in the form of its varieties. When people in other languages learn different synonyms

Learn languages by playing

It’s been quite a busy time here at Tutor. We are expanding the platform in different directions at the same time. Our Course Finder team continue working hard to make

Improved level tests in new version of Tutor

Test results are now more preciseRegular assessment is an inseparable part of language learning. That is why we improved the level test in Tutor Bot app. We refined the logic

Next Step done!

Ready to share with you the results of our work for this new 3.3.0 version of Tutor Bot. What's new Every application starts with a registration. And this must be

Tutor brings refreshments

If you follow me, and I hope you do, you’ve already tested out this version of Tutor Bot. Even if you didn’t, it’s alright. I am here to let you