Next Step done!

Ready to share with you the results of our work for this new 3.3.0 version of Tutor Bot.

What’s new

Every application starts with a registration. And this must be a user – friendly and easy path to go through. This is the reason we have remade the sign up process of Tutor bot. As before, you can still sign up with your Facebook account but instead of requesting a code from Messenger, you just need to provide an e-mail address and a password. Google lovers we will be soon able to get the Tutor Bot app with their Google account.

In terms of educational part, we give a white glove treatment to our studying material. By this I mean, that we are in a constant search of better textbooks for you. You have now more options when choosing a textbook to learn a language with. We pick up most up-to-date and demanded ones. It is still, of course, a difficult question how to prioritise the sequence from our queue. Our orientation is your language school and its requirements. (If you don’t attend a language school, then choose the book you mostly like or heard of). We already have three English and two German books. You can help us choose the next ones in the comments at the end of this post.

Together with new and refined study materials, the speaking exercise is improved for you. We have two news here: firstly, when pronouncing the word incorrectly, you will see your answer at once. So the next time you know how to improve it. But if you anyhow give two incorrect answers, Tutor Bot will itself prompt the correct pronunciation in the answers.

What to expect

I’ve already mentioned in my previous post that in the near future, you will be able to learn also grammar with Tutor Bot and play language learning games with your group-mates. We also work on reminders, which will provide you with an insight on your progress, performance, etc.

So, the best is yet to come!

As always, learn with Tutor, write me your thoughts and suggestions, ask me whatever questions bother you and cheer!

Yours Astrik


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