Tutor app becomes your course assistant

Here at Tutor Team we strive to make your language learning experience smoother and efficient and best as it can be. No seriously, it’s become an obsession. Now let’s see what’s changed since last time.

A better insight on course details

We  completely changed the student profile page. Now you can easily see all course related info on home screen. In the previous version, the main accent was made on the completion of your lesson and learning new words. You were seeing the daily goal and the lesson progress in the first place. After some consideration and the feedback from you, we expanded our philosophy.

Tutor app becomes more than a vocab trainer!

It is now your personal assistant and guidance. From your profile page, you can access all information needed for your time and course management. By this, I mean:

  • course bio: course name, teacher name, start-and-end date
  • schedule: how often you have classes
  • course status: your attendance summary, course completion
  • daily goal: the amount of portions you should do to keep up with the schedule

More languages, more courses

As of language learning, we expanded the variety of languages. Besides English and German, we added French and Spanish to our language palette. This means, Tutor is accessible for English-German-French-Spanish-Russian-Armenian speakers and for those who want to learn English, German, French or Spanish.

We also added several courses besides general language courses. Weil importing varied  study materials, we improve our techniques to deliver better quality content.

What's next

For the near future, we want to bring your offline experience onto a comfy stage. This means, you’ll be able to manage all school-related activities within Tutor app.

Update Tutor app, join our English, German, Spanish, French clubs and follow us on Facebook pages to stay in lead!

The best is yet to come!


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