Edu Release 5.7.0

# July 13 – July 26/ 2020

Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.0


  • Several white labeled mobile apps
  • Content improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Rename “SMART Citizenship” to “COAF SMART Citizenship”
  • Publish ISTC mobile app
  • Make translation language for quiz configurable for each group
  • Add option to jump straight into conversation from group
  • Make Learning material field required


  • Virtual Keyboard overlaps with messages
  • App is stopping in case of wrong password
  • Student may open IB in 2 or more tabs
  • Navigation for Coursebook and IB-practice get not needed data
  • Section gets deleted when leaving without saving
  • Unable to complete IB
  • Infinite load when trying to login with wrong credentials


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