Edu Release 5.7.7

# Oct 26 – Nov 06 / 2020

Release notes – Tutor Education – Version 5.7.7


  • Student can see all their assignments in web version platform
  • Student’s performance and attendance information can be seen in lists


As a Teacher I want to see list of lessons/sessions I will be having (attendance?)


  • Display session’s time on Scheduled lesson’s detail
  • Automate React Native app’s testing
  • Show performance and attendance on student in list
  • Merge overall performance + groups
  • List student “Assignments” in student frontend
  • Same Name Search filter options on School/Student and CRM/Contacts
  • Reporting Requirement for Student Progress
  • Adjust LMS styles
  • Add option to zoom images in mobile training
  • Please update Text of Educo Academy App
  • Adjust mobile UX
  • Border colors need to be finalised and be consistent


  • Fix stats calculation with new assignment logic
  • Setup infrastructure to move IB out as external package
  • Adjust IB code to work outside of teacher area (in student area)


  • Duplicate trainings created for Educo users
  • Progress not reflecting consistently – YALEZWA NULL MKHUHLANE
  • Re-style search inputs
  • Course’s name and description is not responsive on small desvices
  • Attendance’s status changes once adding a Note
  • Trained student’s performance appears as “0” on LMS
  • Groups stay available for stopped students on Messages
  • Last question gets hidden on Review
  • Group details page style is broken


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