LMS Release 5.6.3

# May 11 – 24 / 2020

Release notes – Learning/School Management System – Version 5.6.3


School configuration is tidy, group actions are super fast now, better monitoring.


  • Add a name of a user stopping the Student in the notification
  • Speed up group details page (student list)
  • Rework school settings page (general info)
  • Add new school settings page called features
  • Add option to filter emails by email address (limit to partner)
  • Make Group/Course creation faster
  • Adjust export and Staff section
  • Contact checkbox is disabled when student is created
  • Rework delete confirmation dialog
  • Improve event monitoring
  • Align schedule on group details
  • Fix translations
  • Check student list progress data
  • Add multi select dropdown to custom field list
  • Add option to specify default country on “Phone Number” field


  • window.onerror: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded
  • Group list page is slow
  • Calendar files are 1 hour behind the actual schedule
  • Incorrect group start time is in confirmation email
  • Zoom token disappears from Partner
  • Download Certificate does not work
  • Remove validation while entering a value
  • Time differences between the Group schedule and the Timetable view
  • Part of the event’s name is not shown on Timetable
  • Document page keeps loading
  • Alignment issues on Group details
  • Cannot add student into group directly from contacts
  • Not possible to create group document
  • Agenda is broken (group schedule)
  • Request form submit fails with error
  • Learning analytics hangs on safari and updates values in chrome

Happy teaching, stay tuned!


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