LMS Release 5.6.2

# April 26 – May 10 / 2020

Release notes – Learning/School Management System – Version 5.6.2

Calendar performance is great now!
We have made UI/UX improvements and fixed lots of issues.


  • Hide liveboard default key from tutor
  • Fix teacher edit page in group edit page
  • Liveboard improvements
  • Check and reload group contents if group is created recently
  • Improve request/contact import/export
  • Add pagination to the group student list
  • Add “Country” field and show create date on LMS registration
  • Show communication next to contact
  • Header change on Staff page in Group details

Bug fixes

  • It takes some time while switching between different tabs. e.g. Month/Week/Day, or when editing or closing the event
  • VC is missing when the teacher has been assigned from Staff
  • Sourcemaps are gone after ant upgrade
  • Task Management Settings Form is not cleaning
  • Zoom is always available for teachers
  • Virtual Classroom becomes unavailable for a teacher once adding a student
  • Some modals are not updated
  • Cannot record a payment
  • Error on Expenses
  • Operations are not working on Student Fees
  • Show liveboard link on group regardless of current teacher
  • Student config (custom fields) does not work
  • Student export breaks with sails 500 error page
  • Padding issue on tooltips
  • The number of the Search result and Export do not match
  • Contact Filter does not work
  • Action buttons on the group are broken
  • Group cloning doesn’t work
  • Color displays with hex code on Timetable
  • Time is cut while creating an Event on Timetable

Happy teaching, stay tuned!


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