EDU 3.5.1

Happy to announce, we had a successful expo and users loved Vocabulary Gap Analyser chatbot and we will keep improving it. We also lunched new Exam for vocabulary trainer. Test Engine is getting better and now we can send results to students via email.


  • Student Vocab Analysis (Expo)
  • Exam v3


  • As a student I want to see the list of courses I am currently taking
  • As a school manager I want to send placement test results to the student


  • Show all lessons in course regardless if student learned or not
  • Keep history of placement test changes
  • Limit words letter count for puzzle ex.
  • Redo overall progress graph in group details
  • GA reports show number of events instead of unique users
  • Calculate daily goal after portion is completed not when started
  • Add placement test options B and C
  • Report exercise type and other available data to bugsnag when catching an exception
  • Add filters to placement test result list (phone, email)
  • Make placement test result list visible to schools
  • Split sections into lessons
  • Shuffle sections
  • Widgets needed for the interactive book
  • Redo student list section in group details page
  • Separate attendance section in group details page


  • Portion stats are not calculated properly
  • Typing exercise goes into white screen
  • Puzzle exercise considers as wrong for the first attempt (IOS, Android)
  • The answer is correct and shown in green but result screen is showing it was wrong
  • Voice not found & The selected voice was not found
  • For expressions we show empty slot for spaces
  • In the portion it does not show word with the right subject

Release note are getting less and less as we split the platform into two main streams and will be publishing one stream for School Management and second for Learning.


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