Easier way to facilitate student requests: Tutor LMS 4.2.0

Another week has passed, and we are here to introduce you what we’ve done so far.

The whole week was dedicated to creating and improving the school monitoring, CRM and course management. Let’s touch upon everything in details.

Importing Contacts in CRM

We’ve created an easy way to manage the student requests. From now on, you as a CRM manager, can manage your contacts by importing them from a database. This is a comfortable way to spare you time. Here how this looks like.

After you’ve processed the request, and the student is added to the corresponding group, the status of request automatically changes from “New contact” to “In group”.

Creating Requests with Tutor Forms

Another way to make your work as effortless as possible is Tutor Forms. In order to manage student registration you can create a form and send it to them to fill it out. Forms allow you to have custom fields. This means, you can acquire as much information from a student as you want.

Tutor Forms help from going back and forth when you want to gather student data in a more organised way. In this way, you can easily import all data provided from a student to the corresponding fields. No Excel sheets or Google Forms are required.  Here is how the end-result looks like.

Meanwhile take a look at work in details.

This was a short sum up of news we had for the pervious week. Let us know if you have questions or want to know how to improve your processes to boost your language school. Leave comments, join our Facebook Tutor Platform or Tutor Teacher Club to keep updated.

Work in details


  • School monitoring
  • CRM improvements
  • Tutor Forms


  • As a Group Manager and School Manager I want to see each student’s individual profile
  • As a CRM manager I want to set personality grade on contact
  • As a Group Manager I want to download report as CSV from group details page
  • As aGroup Manager andSchool Manager I want to see all my teachers availability in one list


  • Create Tutor forms instead of google forms
  • Add number of active students on students chart
  • Import data left by the student in the request form
  • CRM Contact details page
  • Add print function in the students fee
  • Generate report “Report by group” and Print it
  • Have an option to import contact database
  • Switch from Intercom to Facebook Messenger Customer Chat
  • Do not distribute monthly discount per lesson but have it one chunk
  • New “hourly rate” option in Teacher Salary
  • Link teacher by clicking on teacher field in the group list
  • Show message “why file can’t be imported”
  • Filter labels by partner in CRM
  • CRM _ allow to search by word typed in Contacts Search field
  • CRM manger when add student request from Request list to any group automate change the status from NEW/CONTACTED into IN GROUP
  • Add Source dropdown to CRM/ Contacts / Source (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Call, E-mail, Other)
  • CRM / Requests – remove mandatory function from Last Name & E-mail fields when creating Request
  • Regroup pages
  • Spread analytics across sections
  • we have problems with mail field in the Requests / Contacts
  • Add filter by Phone number in Contacts
  • Add hover info (e-mail, phone) in the request
  • Add field for typing the passport series on the contact
  • Update the print layout
  • Set own page title and description for contact form list

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot change password in LMS
  • Cannot add student to the group nor create new one
  • Messaging page is broken
  • Groups _ When adding 2 or more teachers in groups list in the teacher column we can see only the first teacher added
  • when Creating Request, we can’t select courses
  • after Creating Request we can’t find the person in contacts list
  • after adding student in the group, we can’t search and find him in the students list
  • When giving money Back the student financial balance is not working in the proper way
  • On group print does not work
  • As a CRM manager I have problems when adding request to the Group
  • With partner we have problems with contacts
  • With partner we have problems with adding requests to the group
  • With partner we have problems with creating Requests


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