Liveboard is a great tool when you teach math or other k-12 subjects which require whiteboard.
The tool gives you real classroom experience and can even be used in real classrooms.


Liveboard brings:

  • whiteboard / collaboration
  • audio conferencing
  • pdf upload
  • supports tablet devices.


How-to setup

  1. Navigate here and sign-up to get account
  2. Request api-key from liveboard support
  3. Create Tutor Platform account if you do not have it yet
  4. Navigate to Virtual Classroom Tools section in Tutor Platform Console.
  5. Push activate on Liveboard Application
  6. Submit API Key
  7. Create a group
  8. Activate “Virtual Classroom” support in group settings
  9. Add teacher to the group
  10. Add students to the group

Links to liveboard will be automatically created and linked to your group.

How do students get links

Students will need links in order to join liveboard sessions.

There are three ways students can get links:

  1. Reminder email which is sent 15 minutes before session start (unless you disabled those)
  2. In mobile app green Virtual Classroom button will be displayed in group details
  3. Teacher can copy links from group attendees list in the attendee menu

How to deactivate liveboard

You might need to deactivate liveboard to activate with another account or if you decide not use it.

For this:

  1. navigate to Virtual Classroom Tools section in Tutor Platform
  2. Click on “Deactivate” button on Liveboard Application

Note: Liveboard charging will be handled by if you decide to go with paid account in order to use audio conferencing feature.


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