Hello from Tutor Bot!

Tutor is coming! We are happy to announce that we are launching the Tutor, a smart chatbot that teaches languages. But let me start from the beginning…

An old friend of mine didn’t like learning languages. But he had to… You know, globalization and stuff like that. As he was a brainy guy, he decided to make his local problem into a global solution. Although he couldn’t know at that time that it would turn global. But the fact is fact…

What is Tutor Bot and why should anyone consider it for learning a new language? Tutor Bot is a free language learning tool that teaches foreign languages in the most enjoyable way. All you need is yeah, well, love, but besides, Facebook messenger. Whether you want to learn a new language in a corporate environment or just private, you search and connect Tutor respectively. Then everything is quite easy: message to Tutor to learn a language. This is the easiest language learning tool ever existed.

Tutor teaches English and German and speaks English, German, Russian and Armenian at this moment. But this was not always so. In the beginning, it could speak only English and teach German. Why? Cause the guy who discovered Tutor (at that time, it was called a Trainer), had to learn German, and the most appropriate basis language was English to learn German. Step by step Tutor got smarter learning new languages itself. Now it teaches both German and English to learners from four countries.

Follow my next blog story to see who these lucky beggars are and what exactly one needs to start a language training with Tutor Bot.


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