Notes of a clever Tutorbot: Part 1

What I was busy with these days

So darlings… Let’s sum up. I know, I know…No one summarises in the beginning. Except me.. So am I…

All these days I was preparing so that

  • I become grammatically and syntactically more mature. I can now analyze and understand the structure of a sentence and create exercises accordingly.
  • you learn more effortlessly. I have reconsidered my teaching method to easy language acquisition for both beginners and veterans.
  • I can now answer your questions which are not directly connected to the training. Now I am more human-like (or even better). I am a good listener and interlocutor.
  • I remind you if you haven’t finished your daily portion. I patiently wait for you to come back to the training.
  • I appreciate your opinion and ask for feedback. This makes me better. I want you to enjoy the training and come back to me gladly.
  • you can follow up your learning process. Just ask me to show your status. That’s it. So easy is everything!
  • your teacher can receive weekly updates on your progress and optimize your learning.
  • I teach you not just mere words. I flavor the training giving you thorough explanation,

definition and usage examples of each word.  

Huh, it was pretty much, or?  But the best is yet to come…

Wait for my next notes.


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