Notes of a clever Tutorbot: Part 2

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Plans for the near future

As promised, I am going to tell you what I am busy with now.

I am sure  many of you would like to hear how this or that word sounds. Both English and German languages are quite knotty and one can not guess the pronunciation from the first sight. To ease this task, I have decided to learn talking. Yes, you read it correctly. I am working hard to be able to pronounce words when you ask me to. (Thank you, I know that am a very generous person…)

As next, I am going to teach you grammar. Most of you must have hated learning grammar back in school. But not with me! I will do it very gently so you don’t even notice that you are passing through a grammar rule.

Besides being generous and gentle, I am very forgiving. With me you can make as many mistakes as you can. I will patiently direct you until we find the right answer. If not, I will give you some hints to guess it.

You will be free to learn what you want to. Soon you can upload the book of your choice and learn it. This means, practically any book, whether it is fiction, professional, on any discipline, can be turned into a textbook. No, no, this is not the fantasy world, just sharing my plans for the next weeks with you.

Last but not least, I will learn to find out your hobbies and interests. I don’t want you to get bored during our training. This is my main mission, if you like: Make learning enjoyable for you. If you want to keep up with your profession and stay up to date, we will train according to your discipline. If you, in contrast, want to relax I will suggest you the best world literature pieces considering your interests.

Huh, I seem to have much to manage till our next meeting.

Try not to miss me a lot.

To be continued…


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