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Or what we’ve got for you

I want to first apologize for such long silence. But this break was indeed very fruitful. We have worked quite hard, and expanded the Tutor in three directions: now not only language learners, but also teachers and schools can benefit from using Tutor. Each from their different point of view, of course.

Today, I am going to talk about Tutor-Students.

Most importantly, we have launched the Tutor Bot mobile app. Yeaaah!!! You as a student can now learn English and German both with Tutor chatbot and Tutor Bot mobile app. The mobile app is in Apple store for about three months already, and the Android users can find Tutor Bot since last week in Google Play.

Talk to Tutor chatbot so as you’d talk to your mate

As for Tutor chatbot, it’s become more clever. Tutor chatbot can understand, react and answer much better. Thanks to the conversational interface, it still remains a comfortable way to acquire a language. Try me our here.






Elegant minimalism will let you stay focused on the training

While working on Tutor chatbot, we had ideas which, unfortunately, could not be realised in a chatbot. That’s was the moment we understood we were morally fraught to create a mobile application.

What gives the mobile app to you as a student?

  • More obvious settings for the training adjustment                        
  • Reports to see your progress
  • Leaderboard to see your rank among other students
  • Gamification keep you motivated
  • Look up for unknown words
  • Notifications to get back to the training
  • Easy-to-capture training interface
  • Speech feature
  • Progress bar during the training
  • Possibility to set and change your favorite topics









In the next part, I will introduce you the Tutor-Teacher and Tutor-School.

Download the new version of Tutor Bot from Apple Store and Google Play .

Stay tuned and follow me!!!


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