We need You!

3 reasons why

You might think that I have confounded the title, but no. We need You, and I’ll explain why.

After releasing the first version of Tutor Bot, we gave ear not to miss a single feedback or concern from you. Our team gathered all this information and, together with our vision, transformed it into a new version of Tutor bot. Now you can download it from App Store and Google Play.

So, firstly, we need You to download the new version of Tutor! Yeah, that’s how it is!, 😀

Why should you want to do it?

Old Version

New Version

To answer this question, let me tell you what the biggest concern about Tutor was. It was too easy. Yeah, you were complaining that it was too easy to train with Tutor. That’s why

  • we created new challenging exercise
  • redesigned the vocabulary
  • made training circles and algorithms smarter
  • improved the content
  • made Tutor speak
  • created more elegant design

Besides, we have improved the communication channels with you. So, whenever you have any question, open Messages in your Settings and start a conversation with us. We will answer you immediately.



And here comes the second reason!

We need You to train with Tutor. We want to make your learning experience perfect or at least almost-perfect. Train and tell us

  • what you like
  • what you don’t like
  • how useful it is
  • how well you can (or cannot) navigate through the app
  • how well you like the design
  • what you would change

We take care of every and each opinion.

In the near future, we are going to keep Tutor constant by polishing it based on your feedback.

We need you for the inspiration

And last but not least, we need You to tell us your secret wishes about language learning. How should your dream language trainer look like? We will make your wishes true. Promise!

Before saying goodbye, I want to thank You for being such a loyal student, our Team for hard and creative work. I am sending my special thanks to Lilit Petrosyan, our friend who guides us through methodologies of the language.

Miss me and wait for my next post


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