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Happy to announce new release 3.3.0 where teachers can provide attendance, add notes, set notes on student level, see reports. Lots of small fixes on vocabulary trainer and on the content. See details below.


– As a teacher, I want to provide attendance
– As a teacher, I want to add notes to the student for each attendance
– As a teacher, I want to add general notes to the student
– As a school manager I want to see reports on attendance
– As a student, I receive a notification when the teacher marks me “unattended”
– As a teacher, I want to see student notes in the group


– Group or filter by Level in lesson list in admin
– Suggest messenger users to use a mobile app if they do not
– Setup regular mongo backup
– Rework New English File book content (90%)
– Correct punctuation (Sentence begins with a capitalized word and ends with a dot)
– Have a chat alike navigation over training
– Increase or reduce speech speed depending on word length
– Catch errors and move forward
– At the beginning of the new portion do not ask questions about the old one
– Improve voice exercise
– Create a way to clone training configs and assign them to the group
– Deal with 404 on images
– Change breadcrumb to have a group name in the middle (group->groupName->attendance)
– As a user, I want to get audio when I answer incorrectly in speech exercise
– Improvements to attendance
– Have a link between students and schools
– Have an hourly rate on school-teacher
– Add option to update school member relation
– Add members section to partner page


– Wrong answer
– Game does not work
– In Android right after word card it jumps to the next portion

We will keep improving the platform and help you improve your service and keep your students happy!


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